About Us

Pocent Limited is a company focus on smartphone business, as global agent and partners with Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple companies.Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been engaged in global trading business and has cooperated with major global operators.

Asia business

We have set up offices in Shenzhen and Hongkong

Europe business

We have set up offices in Madrid, Spain and Paris, France


We are engaged in global smartphone markets, telecom operator markets,e-commerce business (B2B,B2C). More than 500 companies has become our partners, including telecom operators, supermarkets, chain stores and self-owned stores all over the world.


We are specially strong in Europea and Southeast Asia, important regions as below: Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Ethiopia, Colombia.

Distribution system
E-commerce, with platform seller, cross-border e-commerce and overseas local e-commerce trader.
Trading, with local wholesalers and local retailers.

Pocent’s Motto:

  • Deliver the most competitive prices to our customers.
  • Provide high quality products and customer service with efficient response to queries consistently.
  • Run our business with honesty and full integrity. We will deliver our commitments.
  • Provide effective solutions for business expansions (Talk to our dedicated sale team).